Tomorrow’s Talent

Welcoming the Advanced Masters in Financial Markets to an exclusive Tomorrow’s Talent Forum at UBS Wealth Management.

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This is an exclusive forum offering thought provoking, cross disciplinary and institutional level discussion with UBS and industry specialists on specific financial markets and services topics, such as the “Year ahead 2023: A year of inflections” publication, an outlook on the European energy and their Global family office report.


Launch MBA Highlights

Are you a CEO, Executive, Manager or a Solvay Alumni? The House of Training in partnership with the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management offers a General Management and Sustainability Programme – MBA Highlights, a programme of excellence in Luxembourg.

With high-level trainers from the leading business schools and universities, you will quickly learn to improve your way of thinking, to solve problems, to inspire a culture of innovation, to lead a company differently and to impulse a new leadership able to prepare the sustainable society of tomorrow.

✅Join our information session https://buff.ly/3CeuC8Y

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Nicola Menardo wins the 2022 Solvay Finance Tour

We had the pleasure to award to Nicola Menardo the first prize for successfully winning the 2022 edition of the Solvay Finance Tour in Luxembourg this year.

The award ceremony was hosted at Cercle Munster with the participants of the 2022 edition as well as the host of the current and previous tours.

Nicola was awarded the prize in a ceremony that hosted H.E. the Belgian Ambassador for Belgium to Luxembourg, Thomas Lambert.

Having the pleasure of representatives of LFF, LPEA, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange we thank the public bodies for their continued support.


The Solvay Finance Tour 2022 lifts off

We would be here now and until the masks came off. For both the Alumni and future graduates as the 2022 Solvay Finance Tour illustrates.

This year we have received 47 candidates from which we selected the best 20 students of which 15 withstood the strong selection criteria and program.

Many thanks to Luxembourg for Finance, the LHoFT, PwC Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, as well as UBS, ING Luxembourg, Arendt and Aperam to host the 7 workshops this year.


Making running look easy!

Our beloved ambassador Thomas Lambert is becoming a seriously fast runner! 🚀

He shows it’s not all luck but skill running up the Itzig hill ⛰

Fifty years ago, our alumnus Jean Hamilius made it to the Helsinki Winter Olympic Games. He qualified for the final 400m and 4x 400m relay, making 6th and 5th place!

Do you have what it takes to wear the Solvay Alumni Running Team shirt?

Get your size today! Gifted to all Solvay Alumni in Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Making running look easy 🏃

Meeting with HE Belgian Ambassador

Solvay Alumni granted audience by Belgian Ambassador Thomas Lambert

Under the patronage of H.E. Thomas Lambert and First Advisor Emmanuelle de Foy, we gathered with befriended associations that help maintain and foster the strong relations between Belgian and Luxembourgish communities in the Grand Duchy.

This forum continues to allow us to share our projects, ideas as well as opportunities from next year and build a vision to 2024, allowing us to strengthen the opportunity set for Solvay Alumni in collaboration with LA LIEGEOISE and URB-BKV as well as VCL – Vlaamse Club Luxemburg.