120th Anniversary of Solvay Business Schools

Under the encouragements and patronage of H.E. the Belgian Ambassador to Luxembourg, Thomas Lambert, it is our true pleasure to invite you to celebrate the 120th anniversary of our beloved Alma Mater.

We are welcoming you on
December 7th, 2023, starting 18:30

to join Solvay Alumni in honour of the founding of our Schools by Ernest Solvay in 1903.

As a unique occasion calls for exceptional settings, we are delighted to be welcomed by the Spuerkeess (BCEE) to gather for this special night at the former A.R.B.E.D. headquarters as a gentle reference to our industrial heritage.

During this evening, it will be our privilege to welcome 120 Alumni, and 30 special guests, including H.E. Dutch Ambassador to Luxembourg, Cees Bansema and those that have enabled our success in Luxembourg’s business community. 

Join the CEOs of the Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Private Equity Association, Luxembourg for Finance, and Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs and many other Solvay Alumni friends.

We look forward to seeing you very soon and most delighted to have you join in these special celebrations together.

With most kind regards,
Solvay Alumni Luxembourg


Sustainability Management Conference: Are you ready for the 10 sustainable challenges?

The House of Training, Chamber of Commerce and Solvay Lifelong Learning are pleased to invite you to the “Are you prepared for the 10 sustainable challenges ? / Luxembourg Sustainability Management Series: be on board” conference on 23 February 2023, from 18:00 to 21:00. Register here.

The conference will introduce training initiatives from the Chamber of Commerce aiming to introduce decision-makers to the major issues of sustainable development and their concrete application in a company’s strategy, in reference to the 10 Luxembourg Sustainable Business Principles established by Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, the conference will be welcoming Julia Jadin, Research Assistant in Sustainable Development at Solvay Brussels School, as a guest speaker. Her research area focuses on carbon footprint and sustainable development.

Where: European Convention Center Luxembourg, 4 Pl. de l’Europe, 1499 Luxembourg

When : 23 February 2023 from 18:00 – 21:00

Programme :

  • 18h00-18h10: Welcome Remarks by Anne-Marie Loesch, Head of Business development and CSR, Chamber of Commerce
  • 18h10-18h15: Opening speech by Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg
  • 18h15-18h30: Presentation of new training initiatives by Muriel Morbe, CEO House of Training, and Karin Doguet, General Manager de Solvay Lifelong Learning :  MBA Highlights & Luxembourg Sustainability Management Series by House of Training and Solvay Business School
  • 18h30-19h30: Keynote Speech by Julia Jadin, Research Assistant in Sustainable Development at Solvay Brussels School
    • The role of Businesses at the center of SDGs
    • How to decouple growth from environmental degradation 
    • Different industry transformation drivers
    • The circular economy as an example of industry transformation 
    • Zoom-in on resources for circular business models 
    • Leverage points: Systems-thinking for policy an industry transformation
    • Meet the climate challenge: 
    • Mitigation pathways
    • Carbon budgets
    • Ambitions versus action
    • The KAYA equation and its variants
    • Different scopes and system perspective
  • 19h30-19h35: Closing Remarks, by Frederic Girs, Business Development Manager, House of Training
  • 19h35-21h00: Networking Reception and walking dinner

Enhance your skills on sustainability?

Find out more about our certified paths:

General Management and Sustainability Programme – MBA Highlights

A highly interactive and intensive experience with effective exchange and knowledge transfer about the most important aspects of strategy, sustainability, finance, HR and leadership, designed to help you accelerate your career.

Luxembourg Sustainability Management Series (LSMS)

These 11 modules programme is based on the intervention of specialised professionals, who will share their expertise with the attendees on the major issues of sustainable development and their concrete application in a company’s strategy.


Tomorrow’s Talent

Welcoming the Advanced Masters in Financial Markets to an exclusive Tomorrow’s Talent Forum at UBS Wealth Management.

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This is an exclusive forum offering thought provoking, cross disciplinary and institutional level discussion with UBS and industry specialists on specific financial markets and services topics, such as the “Year ahead 2023: A year of inflections” publication, an outlook on the European energy and their Global family office report.


Launch MBA Highlights

Are you a CEO, Executive, Manager or a Solvay Alumni? The House of Training in partnership with the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management offers a General Management and Sustainability Programme – MBA Highlights, a programme of excellence in Luxembourg.

With high-level trainers from the leading business schools and universities, you will quickly learn to improve your way of thinking, to solve problems, to inspire a culture of innovation, to lead a company differently and to impulse a new leadership able to prepare the sustainable society of tomorrow.

✅Join our information session https://buff.ly/3CeuC8Y

#executive #management #leadership #sustainability

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Nicola Menardo wins the 2022 Solvay Finance Tour

We had the pleasure to award to Nicola Menardo the first prize for successfully winning the 2022 edition of the Solvay Finance Tour in Luxembourg this year.

The award ceremony was hosted at Cercle Munster with the participants of the 2022 edition as well as the host of the current and previous tours.

Nicola was awarded the prize in a ceremony that hosted H.E. the Belgian Ambassador for Belgium to Luxembourg, Thomas Lambert.

Having the pleasure of representatives of LFF, LPEA, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange we thank the public bodies for their continued support.


The Solvay Finance Tour 2022 lifts off

We would be here now and until the masks came off. For both the Alumni and future graduates as the 2022 Solvay Finance Tour illustrates.

This year we have received 47 candidates from which we selected the best 20 students of which 15 withstood the strong selection criteria and program.

Many thanks to Luxembourg for Finance, the LHoFT, PwC Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, as well as UBS, ING Luxembourg, Arendt and Aperam to host the 7 workshops this year.


Making running look easy!

Our beloved ambassador Thomas Lambert is becoming a seriously fast runner! 🚀

He shows it’s not all luck but skill running up the Itzig hill ⛰

Fifty years ago, our alumnus Jean Hamilius made it to the Helsinki Winter Olympic Games. He qualified for the final 400m and 4x 400m relay, making 6th and 5th place!

Do you have what it takes to wear the Solvay Alumni Running Team shirt?

Get your size today! Gifted to all Solvay Alumni in Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Making running look easy 🏃