“Luxembourg 2050” : Solvay Alumni reimage the future for the Grand Duchy

The Solvay Schools Alumni in Luxembourg was proud to announce the association’s rebirth with the launch of a non-profit organization this September.

The association’s intent is to maintain the solid bond amongst alumni and foster the brotherhood uniting its members, facilitating their integration within the Luxembourgish business community.
We thank the Solvay Alumni and their guests for joining us at this exclusive conference.

We express our gratitude to Benji Kontz, Jean-Pol Toucheque and Rachel Oulmann from Aston Martin Luxembourg.
Moreover, we extend our thanks to Mads Olufsen and Marcel Thilgen from Bang & Olufsen here in Luxembourg.

In addition, we would like to show our appreciation to Antoine Clasen from Bernard-Massard and Joanna Weitzel from House17.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our next events and social media.